Better Roads/Traffic Improvements – This is one of Harry’s biggest priorities. Harry knows the capacity of our roads is not built to support the density of the entire area. Even though Plano’s growth has slowed down as we have become “built-out,” traffic still grows as people pass through Plano from homes to the North and work to the South. One part of the solution is  investing in the restoration of the roads in our more older areas of town.

Lower Tax Rate – Plano has the lowest tax rate in DFW! It’s amazing. And, with the Council, last year, Mayor LaRosiliere lowered the City’s taxes for the first time in 15 years. Harry’s plan is to keep taxes low by diversifying our tax base through economic development. He knows rapid property valuations are hurting our pocketbooks. While schools make up most of the taxes we pay, the Mayor is doing what we can to protect taxpayers at the city level.

Improved Parks and Recreational Areas – Harry knows how important great parks are to the quality of life in Plano. Money Magazine voted Plano the “Best City to Live in Texas” and parks are a big part of that. Harry has made it a point to do what he can to ensure families in our community have safe green spaces for their children to play and continue to have the best neighborhoods in DFW.

Neighborhood Safety – Even though Plano was named one of the top 10 safest cities in America by Law Street Media, Harry knows that public safety is a never-ending battle. That’s why he added 70 additional public safety officers this past year. As our city grows, he will work closely with first responders and neighborhood watch groups, providing the resources necessary to deliver the best services to our citizens and make sure Plano stays at the top of the list of safest cities.

Better Jobs – During his time as mayor, Harry has proven he can compete with the bigger cities in Texas for the best economic development by bringing in top corporations and adding 35,000 jobs. He knows that having great infrastructure and safe neighborhoods are what attract large corporations, not bigger check amounts. We can trust Harry to continue to bring great jobs to Plano in the future.

Education for Children – There is nothing more important to Harry than the children of Plano. In fact, Plano has the 1st, 3rd, and 8th best ranked schools in DFW according to Dallas Morning News and our school’s graduation rate is close to 98%. He will continue to support our neighborhood to make sure that our already outstanding school districts remain some of the best educational systems in the Metroplex.